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Once a month, Natalie gives audition tips in in the Elevate Facebook Group using her new trademarked Activated Actor technique. Natalie teaches you how to infuse this technique into your work and take it to the next level. The Activated Actor is a lifestyle where actors discover their authentic expression and bring it forward in the audition room, in their relationships and in their love affair with their art. 


6-hour nerves course


We all face nerves in the audition and on set process. It is natural and it is something we must deepen our relationship with in order to find the sustainability we want in this business. This online class tackles the three areas nerves show up: Body, Mind and Spirit. We look at how to find healthy relationship and communication with the cues our nerves offer and learn to use them as an advantage to our work and process.  




Your inner game supports your outer game. Every week Natalie releases a meditation on a topic (ex: ego) and gives out OM Work in the Elevate Facebook Group. Below is an excerpt from Natalie's OM WORK. Topic: Surrender.



How many of us are fighting hard to "make" our dreams happen. Hustling. Always on the move. Always ruminating on what we can do next. Always competing and gazing at others too see where we fall on the scale of "doing the right things." When we are doing so, we are fighting upstream.

And when we fight upstream there will be countless people on the bank who say, "good for you!" "Look how hard you are working! That river is bound to yield to you sooner or later! Don't give up! You can do it!" These are people too scared to even enter the river, let alone do they have any clue how it all works.

Most of us surrender only when we get too tired to swim anymore. It isn't even that we choose surrender, it is that our arms and legs are too exhausted from swimming and we simply give up.

Surrender is not giving up, it is yielding to the flow of life. And the paradox is, it is only once we do surrender that we see that the flow of life was actually FOR us all along.