Life is For mf(ing) 

joy: the video


We like a little game of truth or dare, and we wanna play with you…


We want to stand for JOY as our mission and we called in one of our favorite buddies, super star Frankie Grande to help us out! 
Check out our recent podcast with him where we talk Joy, expression and the purpose of life all with a little make up tutorial, lot's of glitter and the perfect selfie.

We are blowing up the social media game with a little hashtag fun:



For 100 days we are telling the world how we are living our JOY! 
We are posting everyday for 100 days using this hashtag to bring and spread some light up in this world! 
And don’t forget to tag us @thecreateplaygroup @missnatalieroy @hanggilove.

And because Life IS for Mother Fucking Joy, here is a little song we wrote and a video we made to express ours.


We can't wait to play with you and see how your joy transforms your life and your entire world!!!!!!

Let's play!!!!