Marina Catalán

"I have to confess that I have always loved auditions. It is my time to be me, to laugh, to feel, and to connect and catch up with so many peers and friends. I come from a market where auditions are like a big get together with friends and everyone knows each other and CDs know you, so there is no space for "nerves". The audition rooms feel like home. However, being in a market as huge as NY where everyone you meet in and out of the audition room is new to you, and not having a rep. can make you feel insecure and therefore, nervous.

After watching Natalie Roy and Jen Rudolph' From audition to call back to set class and the nerves videos, I can honestly say that, I am feeling way more comfortable, knowing that I have been given the tools to make the audition process an exciting one! I went to a commercial audition last week, thought about Natalie's tips, grounded myself (my butt) on the chair, and let myself go! So far, the most fun audition I've had in NY! I left the room laughing so hard and... yesterday evening I got word that I BOOKED this commercial!!!!"

- Marina Catalán

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