Sophie Max

"Natalie's Nerves class completely changed the way I approach auditioning and my entire career mindset. She is an honest, joyful, kind, nurturing and extremely knowledgeable guide who made the three week course on the Body, Mind and Soul totally cohesive, understandable and deep. I have never learned so much from one course before. I especially appreciated how she explained concepts and then gave physical exercises or applications in order to put them into practice- it has helped me create a completely new pre audition ritual which has changed my entire mindset and allowed me to go into auditions with so much more confidence, ease and excitement. This, coupled with her Om Work has allowed me to find my joy, connect with myself on a deeper level, changed my relationship to my goals and encouraged me immeasurably on many occasions. She connects with students as a guide, a friend and an equal in a way that makes the learning fun and relaxed. She encourages curiosity, joy, owning your choices, loving your life and career, bold choices and finding ease and grounding without fear and who doesn't want to watch an actor who is all of that! Thank you so much, Natalie!!"

- Sophie Max

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